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The first hotel in Bali was guest house called PESANGGRAHAN Munduk (Now PURI SUNNY), built in Munduk around 1908

Puri Sunny History

History North Bali was under the control of Dutch administration after the Jagaraga war of 1894. South Bali fell after the Puputan war in 1908. Bali remained under Dutch administration until the proclamation of independence on 17 august 1945.

Because of the location of natural harbour, Singaraja was chosen as the centre of Dutch administration and therefore the capital of Bali. Munduk village became the preferred place for weekend vacations for the Dutch. Munduk village functioned perfectly to restore energy with a combination of cold temperatures, quite, and five elements of nature: space, air, sun, water, and earth and wild forest; I believe it functioned until nowadays.

The Dutch introduced Arabica coffee to Munduk in 1870, due its location between 500m and 1,220m above sea level. Following the success of the Arabica coffee plantations, the Dutch then introduced Robusta coffee in 1915, followed by cocoa, vanilla, and clove. Munduk village is famous for producing the best Arabica coffee in Bali. According the prominent people of Munduk village,the first hotel in Bali was guest house called PESANGGRAHAN Munduk (Now PURI SUNNY), built in Munduk around 1908. Further guest house built at Bedugul, Kintamani, Plaga, and then the Bali hotel in Denpasar in 1927.

Munduk was selling out as popular village destination by K.PM. in1925, according to documentation of the Tropical Institute Amsterdam. A number of prominent Dutch administrators, include Gov. general H. C. D. de Graff, as well as Dutch scientists, stayed in Munduk. Dutch administrator Mr. lefrink, and anthropologist Dr. Goris, were very interested in Balinese culture. Dutch anthropologist Dr H.N Van der Tuuck had the idea to establish a Lontar museum and gave his land and building in singaraja for this purpose. Lontar museum was estabilished on 2 june 1928. The formal opening of the lontar museum was held by Gov general C.D de graff on 14 december 1928. Originally named Kirtya Lefrink van der Tuuck, it is now known Gedung Kertya, As the centre of Dutch weekend vacations, Munduk village was as the starting point for road distances to all part of Bali (0 km, at PESANGGRAHAN/PURI SUNNY). Other prominent guests who once stayed at the guest house (PESANGGRAHAN) is Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian poet and philosopher in 1927 an Mr. Kitamura, a respective Japanese nurse soldier was staying a while at the guest house in 1946 after worldwar 2.